Loluma’s charmes are designed by the hyper sports car designer Koenigsegg Joachim Nordwall. A Swedish designer working with perfection. Beside sports cars he has also designed Electrolux luxury series of home appliances Grand Cuisine and Charge Amps smart series of electric cars chargers. Joachim has now created a new type of innovative and luxury scarf accessory, a timeless charm with classy style. See here


Dress up with Loluma´s around your wrist, neck, waist or as a luxury hair band. Wear it in different styles when you go dancing, dining, to school or at the red carpet. Use your imagination and wear it with style.


The first LOLUMA’S charm was designed for Joachim´s wife Beatrice’s 40th birthday. A unique gift and a jewelry to be worn for many occasions. Joachim lives in Stockholm, Sweden and work as a designer at Koenigsegg, a hyper sports car that makes 0-300 km/h and back to 0 in 17.95 seconds. He was thinking about the perfect 40th birthday present for his wife and came up with Loluma’s 18k gold plated accessory “Charm”. It is designed to feel dressed for any occasion, you can wear it as a bracelet, around your neck or as a luxurious hair band. Whether you are on the beach or on the red carpet, you will feel dressed up with the extra touch.


The charm has a classic but iconic design.
It is a scarf jewelry that can be worn in many ways. The charms have an innovative design but yet, simple with a classic look. The scarfs can be used in a new luxury way, both formal and casual.

Dress up with Loluma´s in different ways, match your style of today. Use your charm in a scarf around your wrist, neck or as a luxury hair band. Make a belt, use a longer scarf around your waist. Put it on your bag or why not let your dog have the most beautiful neckless in the park.. Use your imagination and ware it with style.

You can learn more about Joachim Nordwall’s other work, at:

Loluma´s Charms